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As a girl, you see the world like a giant candy store

As a girl, you see the world like a giant candy st
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jennifer aniston characters in movies and friends
This is a community for fans of Jennifer Aniston to enter icon challenges concerning Jen's characters in movies and tv shows. Different pictures will be posted every week and members will have the oppurtunity to creatively design their own icon based on the picture provided. Members will vote & decide which icon they like the most, and banners/awards will be given based on that.Remember this is just for fun. Don't take yourselves too seriously.
001. Don't be mean. (I think that one's pretty self-explainatory, but if I see the need to elaborate later, I will.)
002. Be patient. (don't get mad if winner's banners or results are a little late. I'm only one person, and you know how life can be sometimes if I see I need a hand I'll ask for a moderator.
003. The icon submissions must remain anonymous and they must be posted for the first time HERE. It has to be totally NEW (You may not have used this icon in another contest or for a private icon journal).
004. The number of allowed entries will typically be said in each new challenge post.
005. Do not plagarize. Meaning, submitting an icon as your own work when it isn't. IT'S WRONG
006. You MUST use the images provided.
007. Icons must meet the LJ icon standards: 40 KB, .jpg, .gif, .png only.
008. Only members can enter their icons, and only members can vote.
009. You may only vote once. And you cannot tell your friends to vote for you. That's just not fair.
010. Images must be hosted on your own server. I recommend Photobucket, ImageShack or TinyPic, but anywhere else is fine too as long as your images can be posted.
011. No animated icons, and no text-only icons. Except if I specified it in the new challenge post.
012. If you are interested in using one of the submitted icons, please comment on the voting post and I will get ahold of the creater and make sure that's alright.
013. Please format the comment with your entry like this (image + URL):

URL: http://www.iconurlhere.com
Awards & Affiliated
Challenges begin: Friday.
Challenges end: The following Friday.
Voting: Friday - Sunday.
Winners announced: Sunday/Monday, depending on ties.
Banners posted: Wednesday.

Although the winner announcements and banners are not fixed, the challenge days are. Challenges will always begin on Friday and end on the following Friday with voting to follow the next or same day, except in special cases (vacations, finals, etc).PLEASE NOTE! All dates and challenges are subject to change if need be. I reserve the right as mod & creator to postpone or extend as I need to. If you can't understand that, then that's your problem.

All challenges will concern Jen's characters and ONLY characters I mean you won't see any photoshoot challenge because they depend of another community.
. Friends moments
. Movies
. Special Challenge (lyrics, titles, special text, specific brushes, etc.)

I'd like to keep the challenges constantly following that pattern so that I don't always use the same types of photos.
Awards will be given to first, second, and third place winners based on points. Each voting poll will allow members to select their choice for First, Second, and Third place. First place votes count for three points; second place votes count for two points; third place votes count for one point. The amount of points that each icon has will determine First, Second, and Third places.

Different special categories that may show up depending on the number of entries include but are not limited to Best Coloring, Best Text, Best Cropping, Most Creative, Most Original, Best Interpretation, etc. Number of votes will be used to determine these winners, NOT points.


See all of our affiliates here.

Comment here if you would like to be an affiliate.


Images for contests taken from:
.jennifer fanatic
.jennifer planet
.anistoncenter & jen fan
.jennifer aniston fan.org
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